Amazing Amla Benefits For Weight Loss Naturally


It is said that the matter of the elderly and the taste of amla is followed later. We have already talked about the benefits of Amla. So, today we can be discussed Amla benefits for weight loss. Yes, Amla is helpful in losing weight. That’s why it is also called medicine of every merge. You must have heard this proverb, “One Pineapple Sick Ill”, but does anyone know what is a medicine of 100 merges – that is Amla. Amla is not a common fruit, it is a medicinal fruit and. It is full of uncountable heritage benefits. In it, beneficial nutrients and minerals are mixed for health.

Amla Nutrients

There are many benefits of Amla that’s why it has many nutrients. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. In addition, this fruit is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, carotene, protein, vitamin A, E and B complex, folate, sodium, saturated fat, fibre diet and many other nutrients. Vitamin ‘C’ is 20% more than orange and its vitamins do not end even after it is heated.

Amla Benefits 

1. By eating Amla, the liver gets strength.

2. By eating Amla, the eyesight increases.

3. Amla is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

4. Amla is very beneficial for body skin and hair.

5. In morning breakfast, take the marmalade of gooseberry, your body remains healthy.

6. If you complain of stones, mix the powder of dried amla with radish juice and take it for 40 days.

Why only Amla?

In Ayurveda, Amla is called as “Amrit”. This country, this land has given us so much, has given so much that if we search for the property wealth, we will not find any other place in the world. Its medicinal properties are unimaginable. There are so many benefits of Amla that we can not even describe in words. The Amla is called the “chemical”  in the scriptures.

Amla Benefits for weight loss

Amla fruit keeps the body’s metabolism good because it is rich in protein. If the body’s metabolism is good then the body’s extra fat decreases and the body’s process remains correct. It prevents constipation, helps to clean the stomach every day. Due to Pectin in Amla, it is helpful in reducing fat in the blood. Its use leads to bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). In this way, unnecessary fat is reduced to the body and obesity is controlled. Being an antioxidant, Amla does not allow any kind of trouble in the body.

Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Today most of the peoples are suffering from Obesity.  Obesity is a common practice nowadays, 7 out of 10 people have this problem. Weight loss is one of the big issues. Nowadays everyone is too busy in their busy schedule. Today we are going to tell Amla Juice for weight loss because nobody likes obesity. They try the different method of weight loss but didn’t get the result. Have you ever think why? Some of the people try the wrong method and some of them leave the process of weight loss. So today we will tell you how to reduce obesity through Amla.

amla benefits for weight loss

  • Consuming amla juice helps in losing weight. Amla helps us reduce weight by speeding up our metabolism. The consumption of amla seems less hungry and stays full for a long time.
  • Drink Amla early morning empty stomach from 20 ml to 40 ml and mix the lukewarm water, both together. Your weight starts decreasing in a few days.

Others Ways Of Amla Benefits For Weight Loss

1. Amla Juice

If you feel like eating Amla, then take Amla’s juice and eat it. You can take it once and take it in the fridge for four days. But drink it in water and drink it. By mixing one part juice and three parts water, consuming junk juice every day reduces weight and does not even come in weakness.

2. Amla fruit

If you add amla to your daily dose, then there will be enough amount of fibre in your body, and your digestion will be corrected.

3. Dry  Amla

Since Amla fruit does not get twelve months of the year, it is kept dry during the season. This dried amla can be consumed in many ways. It can be cooked in sugar or other ways according to the taste. By the way, Amla Marmalade is also made in the houses, which are consumed with energy and strength every morning by eating it every morning. After knowing this, you must now include Amla in your dose.

4. Amla with Honey

Take amla juice and honey fifty-fifty grams daily in the morning and at night, taking away the stomach obesity.

5. Amla powder

If you cannot take raw amla, then you can easily get the powder of amla powder in the market.You can use the powder according to the rules given in it. (You can use Patanjali Amla Powder for better results)

Amla Side Effects

1. Due to the soft tendency of amla, it can have a bad effect on cold and cough trigger. To eliminate this side effect, use it with black pepper or honey.

2. If you do not drink it with water then it can lead to constipation.

3. Anaheim can interfere with diabetes medication. Its conduct can prove harmful to blood pressure. Therefore, heart patients should do this with the advice of the doctor.

4. The Amla can also reduce the skin moisture. That is why it is also important to drink an excessive amount of water with oven food.

5. If it is consumed in large amounts it can also cause irritation of urine.

6. In this, high fibre is found, due to which diarrhoea can occur. That is why it is important to consume water as well as consume it.

7. By eating more amounts, pregnant women can have an effect on the digestive power.

8. If it is consumed for a long time or in excessive quantities, it can give birth to stones too.

So keep these side effects and precautions in mind before eating Amla and heart patients.


Generally, a healthy person can eat 2-3 medium sized amla a day and if you are consuming its juice, then one spoon juice is consumed properly, but this dose depends mainly on the state of health. The best way to eat Amla is to eat it on an empty stomach early in the morning. For effective results, do not drink tea, coffee or milk for about 45 minutes after taking an egg. Amla is sour in nature and intake of milk products can be harmful.