Top 16 Apple Benefits For Health, Nutrition & Facts

apple benefits for health

Everyone knows the apple is good for our health. Even many doctors suggest you eat at least one apple in a day. But the problem is people only know it’s beneficial for health. Did you ever wonder which kind of health benefits apple gives you? Don’t worry we will tell you the complete apple benefits for health. Apples are the most common fruits which are eaten by almost every peoples. Its taste was also amazing. Apples are very popular due to its health benefits. It is rich in fiber. A medium-size apple contains 4 grams of fiber.

Nutrition Of Apple

Apple is the rich source of the many vitamins and minerals. This amazing fruit contains many essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium, antioxidants, sodium and many more that helps you in recovering from many health problems. Apple is the powerhouse of the nutrition which gives you many essential vitamins and minerals. Polyphenols are also contained in the apple that has many health benefits.

Amazing Apple Benefits For Health

Have you ever heard a famous proverb “An apple a day keeps doctors away” which means if you eat daily one apple then it prevents you to many health problems? It has a number of apple benefits for health because we already know that it has many important nutrients. Apples are very beneficial for our skin also like UV protection, hydrate skin, anti-aging, protects you from acne and many more. Some amazing apple benefits are given below:

1. Helps In Weight Loss

Obesity is the major problems in the world. Don’t worry green apple helps you in reducing weight. Green apple helps you in weight loss. Green apples are the rich source of vitamin c and vitamin c is helpful in weight loss.

Why Are Green Apple Helpful In Weight Loss?

  • Polyphenols: It is a type of chemical and usually acts as the antioxidant. They help in preventing cell damages in our body. There are many types of polyphenols are found in the green apples which are helpful for weight loss.
  • Fiber: Green apples are the rich source of fiber and it helps in weight loss.
  • Energy Density: Green apple is low energy density fruit which helps you in weight loss because lower energy density foods help you in weight loss.

2. Prevent Digestion Problems

Apples contain the good amount of dietary fiber. If you include apple in your daily diet than it would be helpful in preventing digestion problems. Despite this, you will also not face any constipation problems. It will also prevent you from diarrhea and other stomach problems.

3. Prevent Cancer Risk

Apple has some anti-cancer abilities which help to prevent cancer. Flavones-rich apples help in to reduce cancer risk. Triterpenoids are present in apple peel which reduce the risk of cancer. So eat the apple with his peel because some peoples don’t eat apple peel and throw it to the garbage. We all know Apple has many health benefits but this is one of the best apple benefits for health.

Apple will help you in treating various types of cancer. In a research, it is found that it will help in lung cancer. This fruit will reduce the risk of cancer and if cancer develops then it would slow down the lung cancer.

4. Good For Heart

Eating apple may overcome the risk of heart diseases. Apples contain soluble fiber which can help you lower blood cholesterol level. As we earlier said that apple contains polyphenols which can help you in lower blood pressure. If you eat daily an apple then it may reduce the heart diseases.

5. Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

In some studies, it is found that apple may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. In another study, it is also found that if you eat an apple a day then it reduces the risk by 28% compared to those who do not eat apples. If you eat some apples in a week then it would also quite effective to protect you from the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Protect From Asthma

You never think about that one single fruit has so many health benefits. There are many apple benefits for health including protecting you from asthma. Apples contain anti-oxidants which help you from lung damage.

In a research, found that those women who eat apples daily have the lower risk of asthma. Apple helps you to regulate your immune system and reduce inflammation.

7. Good Teeth

Eating apple increases secretion of saliva which can protect and delay tooth decay. If you like eating this fruits then you should definitely safe from going to a dentist which are not comfortable for you.

8. Protect You From Brain Cell Damage

Drinking and eating apple juices are good for the cellular health. This fruit contains the free-radical eliminating properties. Apples are the good source of the quercetin which can help you in cellular health.

9. Good Bone Health

Calcium is the main components which promote the bone health. Mabolo and Velvet Apple are the good sources of calcium. Include apple in your daily diet and it works with all age groups of peoples.

10. Better Night Vision

We all know Vitamin A is good for the eyes because it will improve your vision. Apples are also a good source of Vitamin A which will help you in improving your vision. Eat Velvet Apple and say no to eyeglasses.

Note: Eating carrots are one of a good way of improving your eye vision.

11. Improve Your Immune System

Apple can improve your immune system. An antioxidant named quercetin is present in apple which can boost your immune system. Fibers also help in improving your immune system.

13. Good Blood Circulation

Apples are the rich source of iron which helps in maintain hemoglobin level in the blood. It also helps in producing red blood cells. Having good blood circulation is good for your health.

14. Reduce Hair Loss

This fruit has many properties which help in reducing hair loss. Soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamins which help to prevent hair loss. Antioxidants increase the circulation in the scalp which helps to prevent the hair loss. If you eat the apple daily then it will solve the problem of hair loss.

15. Protect Your Liver

We have regularly consumed toxins in the form of food and drink and it may be dangerous to your liver. Apples contain many vitamins and minerals which help you to detoxify your body and protect your liver.

16. Cure Skin Problems

Skin problems are one of the big issues in the today’s world. Mostly peoples are suffering from skin problems like acne, oily skin, dark spots, dehydrate skin, etc. Apple will be helpful for you to cure all of the skin problems.

  • Lighten your skin: Apple contains collagen and elastin which are responsible for the healthy and bright skin.
  • Hydrate skin: It hydrates the skin and cleans your skin. Take a fresh apple and make juice. Now apply the apple juice on your face and when it becomes dry then simply wash it.
  • Anti-aging: Apples has great anti-aging benefits too. It will protect you from wrinkles and fine lines on your face. You can simply rub the grated apple on your face directly and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Protect you from UV rays: It has some properties which protect you from the UV rays of the sun. You can blend 1 teaspoon of glycerin with grated apple and apply on your face. After 15-20 minutes wash it off with cold water.
  • Acne: This is one of the major problems in teenagers. You can mesh one slice of apple with milk cream and apply on your face. Wash it after some time. It will protect you from acne, sunburns, and dark spots.

Unknown Facts About Apple

  • There are more than 7,500 types of apples in the earth and if you try daily one apple than it will take up to 20 years to taste all of them.
  • This fruit is grown more than 50 states.
  • The countries which are mostly produced apples are China, Poland, Italy, the US, and Turkey.
  • Average of the apple seeds are 10.
  • The tree of apple takes up to five years to produce their first fruit.
  • Cyanide compound is contained in the apple seeds.
  • A tree of apples can live up to 100 years.
  • Apples are grown in the cold weather.

Some Famous Types Of Apples

Types of apples

  • Kiku Apple: This type of apple is very famous and you can normally found in every market. It is a colorful apple. It is very delicious and juicy type of apple. You can use this apple as a homemade applesauce, snacks, and eating normally.
  • Honeycrisp Apple: This apple is usually large in size. Honeycrisp apple has a crisp texture and it will long last if you stored this apple in the refrigerator.
  • Jazz Apple: This apple is normally found in Newzeland. It is sweet, juicy and tangy apple. It is a crunchy apple and very good for snacks or salads. If you stored this apple in the refrigerator, it will also long last for use.
  • Golden Delicious Apple: You can know this apple from his name because his name himself tells about him. It is light green to yellowish skin color which is looked like the golden color. Golden Apple is perfect for cooking and salads.
  • Pink Lady Apple: It is pink in color with great taste. It is mostly eaten raw or in salads.
  • Fuji Apple: Fuji apple skin is light green with the reddish and orange tint. It is best for snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions On Apple

1. Is it good to eat an apple a day?

Evidence does not support the tagline apple a day keeps the doctor away because it does not prevent you from all the disease. But it is healthy to eat an apple because it contains 85% of water by weight. They help fill you up without consuming a lot of calories.

2. Which kind of apple is good for us?

Granny Smith is one of the best apples which is full of nutrients. According to the Robinson, it contains 13 times more phytonutrients than a ginger gold.

3. Is apple help in losing weight?

Apple is helpful for you when you want to lose weight. A normal size of the apple contains 4gm of fiber. Eating fiber food may slow the digestion of the food and makes you feel fuller with fewer calories. Due to this reason foods which is high in fiber help you to consume the fewer calories and help you to lose the weight.

4. Is it good to eat an apple in an empty stomach?

If you eat the apple on the empty stomach it will play the major role to detoxify tour system overall. It supplies you the energy for weight loss and other daily life activities.

5. Is it bad to eat an apple in the night?

According to the studies, you should eat an apple in morning hours because apple is rich in the dietary fiber which is found on its peel. This pro digestive fruit can turn against you and makes the load on your intestines.

6. Green Vs Red apple benefits

The health benefits of the green or red apple are almost negligible. Green apple contains slightly fewer carbohydrates and more fiber than red apples. But red apple contains slightly more antioxidants than green apples.

7. Side effects of the apples?

According to the experts, apples are almost safe for everybody. There are no side effects of the apple and apple juice. The apple seeds which is present inside the apple contains cyanide which is poisonous for us. Eating enough seeds or a cup of apple seeds can cause death.

8. Can apple seeds help to cure cancer?

The seeds of the apples contain amygdalin and other compound called laetrile that most of the persons believe has cancer-fighting properties and helps to cure your cancer. But experts said amygdalin which is present in the seeds of the apples is converted into cyanide in the body which is a poison and can cause a headache, nausea, nervousness and other health-related problems.


After reading this article, now you are clear about all the apple benefits for health. Now some people think that only one fruit has so many benefits then why should we need to eat other fruits. But this may be not a wise idea because even doctors also say that eat diffrent fruits. All fruits has its benefits and side effects.

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