17 benefits of Amla which you hardly know

benefits of amla

It is said that the matter of the elderly and the taste of amla is followed later. Do you know about the benefits of Amla, if not, this article is for you? Yes, Amla is very helpful. That’s why it is also called medicine of every merge. You must have heard this proverb, “One Pineapple Sick Ill”, but does anyone know what is a medicine of 100 merges – that is Amla. Amla is not a common fruit, it is a medicinal fruit and. It is full of uncountable heritage benefits. In it, beneficial nutrients and minerals are mixed for health.

Amla Nutrients

There are many benefits of Amla that’s why it has many nutrients. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. In addition, this fruit is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, carotene, protein, vitamin A, E and B complex, folate, sodium, saturated fat, fibre diet and many other nutrients. Vitamin ‘C’ is 20% more than orange and its vitamins do not end even after it is heated.

17 benefits of Amla which you hardly know

benefits of amla
benefits of amla

1. For eyes related illness

Amla juice is very beneficial for eyes. Amla increases the eyesight or the light of the eyes. Carrots are also beneficial in increasing eyesight. Even in glaucoma, colour blindness, nipple or less visible, even the egg beans are beneficial. Pain in the eyes also benefits greatly.

2. For diabetic

Chromium is found in Amla, which is a diabetic utility. Awala insulin strengthens hormones and regulates the amount of sugar in the blood. Chromium reduces the effect of the beta blocker, which is good for the heart, makes the heart healthy. Awala helps in making good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol. Due to the addition of honey mixed with amla juice, diabetic Vallon is very beneficial.

3. Problems in Mahavaari

The problems of Mahavai are becoming common among women. Late menstruation, excessive bleeding, coming soon, coming back, pain in the stomach, there are many such problems. It is beneficial for everyone to use it. It is found in minerals, vitamins, Gives a lot of comforts. If the intake of amla is regulated, get rid of the problems of Mahavai. Increases fertility in women.

4. Increases metabolic activity and helps in digestion

Amla increases metabolic activity. Our bodies are healthy and happy with the activity of metabolism. It is very helpful in digesting the amla food if it is necessary to add the chapati, marmalade, pickle, juice, powders or Chavanpras everyday to everyday life, they also should be included in everyday life. This complaints of constipation go away. The stomach is lighter. The number of blood is increased. Take 5 grams powder of amla in water, etc. in the morning and take it in the morning in the morning, after rubbing, making gas, not feeding food. Get rid of the bad effects of acidic bile.

5. Beneficial in reproductive problems

Amla is very good for reproduction Women and men use Amla for men increases the activity and quantity of sperm in men and in women, the egg becomes good and healthy, menstruation becomes regular.

6. Best for bones

Ovulation takes strong bones and strength. Amla consumption also relaxes osteoporosis and pain in arthritis.

7. Relief from stress

Eating of amla provides relief from stress, it is good to sleep. If the oil of Awala is applied to the roots of the hair, then the colour gets rid of blindness. Keep the body cold and give relief.

8. Urine rid of disorders

Amla powders benefit in urinary disorders. Boil the bark of Amla and its leaves in boiling water and consuming it can be very beneficial. The kidneys also end infections. Reduces the stones in the kidneys.

9. To lose weight

consuming amla juice helps in losing weight. Amla helps us reduce weight by speeding up our metabolism. The consumption of amla seems less hungry and stays full for a long time.

10. Prevention of infection

Amla has the ability to fight bacteria and fungus and also protects us from external diseases. By strengthening the amla body, it enhances the immune system, and toxin gives the toxic nature out of our body. Ovulation of the ulcer, ulcerative colitis, stomach infections, etc. Taking Amla juice or Powder daily is very beneficial.

11. Researchers from the heart’s problems

Amla is good for our heart muscles. Amala is effective in making our heart healthy. Amala ends the blockage in the heart of the heartbeat. To make good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol Helps in the recovery of anti-oxidant elements in abundance. Which does not allow the body to create free radicals? Amino acids and pectins are found in the form of an antioxidant. They do not make cholesterol and strengthen the muscles of the heart. It is beneficial to consume aval juice daily. You can take Avelle in any form.

12. For haemorrhoid

If someone has trouble for haemorrhoid, then it is beneficial to consume it. It should be consumed with fresh juice 3, 4 teaspoons, or 1 gram powder should be taken with 50 ml of water. Get relief from habit. Amla juice helps heal piles.

13. Aggravate and excitement gives peace

The emergence of Amla always brings peace with the emergence of sudden, restlessness, heat loss, mental diseases, theorems, and the presence of sensual thoughts, etc., with ease.

14. Infectious Disease

Consumption of juice of amla is beneficial.

15. Beneficial in vomiting

Take the powder and honey of amla or mix it in the juice of amla or sugar mixed together.

16. Disease resistance

Amla contains antioxidants that increase the immunity of the body and also protects against viral infections caused by changes in weather.

17. For Skin

It can glow your skin. Amla contains vitamin C that will help in to remove dead skin cells and make your skin bright and glowing. You can apply amla juice directly on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. You can also use amla paste

Amla Side Effects

1). Due to the soft tendency of amla, it can have a bad effect on cold and cough trigger. To eliminate this side effect, use it with black pepper or honey.

2). If you do not drink it with water then it can lead to constipation.

3). Anaheim can interfere with diabetes medication. Its conduct can prove harmful to blood pressure. Therefore, heart patients should do this with the advice of the doctor.

4). The anvil can also reduce the skin moisture. That is why it is also important to drink an excessive amount of water with oven food.

5). If it is consumed in large amounts it can also cause irritation of urine.

6). In this, high fibre is found, due to which diarrhoea can occur. That is why it is important to consume water as well as consume it.

7). By eating more amounts, pregnant women can have an effect on the digestive power.

8). If it is consumed for a long time or in excessive quantities, it can give birth to stones too.

So keep these side effects and precautions in mind before eating Amla and heart patients.


Generally, a healthy person can eat 2-3 medium sized amla a day and if you are consuming its juice, then one spoon juice is consumed properly, but this dose depends mainly on the state of health. The best way to eat Amla is to eat it on an empty stomach early in the morning. For effective results, do not drink tea, coffee or milk for about 45 minutes after taking an egg. Amla is sour in nature and intake of milk products can be harmful.

Keep a smile on your face, tone your tongue with the taste of amla and fight against diseases.

Hope now you are clear about benefits of amla and it’s side effects. If you have any query contact us directly or ask in the comment section.

Note:- If you can not get fresh Amla, then you can take Patanjali Amla.

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