Benefits of carrot that you may have definitely known

benefits of carrot

Carrots are one of the most important vegetablesin the world and most of the peoples don’t know the benefits of carrot. It may be in different colours red, orange, yellow etc. Carrots were firstly grown in Asia and they were not orange. In this article, we can be discussed the benefits of carrot.

Facts Of Carrot:

Carrot contains a rich source of antioxidants, which protect us from cancer.
Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, C, K, B8, and iron.

History of Carrot

Carrots were considered one of the most important vegetable crops in the history. They provide nutrition to populations of thousands of years ago. Many types of wild carrots were eaten in many countries like Iran, Asia etc.

There are two types of carrots:
1. Eastern carrots
2. Western carrots

Eastern carrots are mainly found in Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, Western carrots are mainly found in Europe, North and south America.

Benefits of Carrot:

benefits of carrot
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Improves vision

An eye disease that can damage normal vision or inability to see in low light or result in night blindness. According to National Institutes of Health ( NIH )  deficiency of vitamin A is one of the main cause of blindness or improper vision in students. Carrot contains vitamin A which help us to improve our vision. It is good for our eyes. The special nutrients lutein, beta-carotene, within carrots helps to boost our eye health. Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness or permanent blindness. Eating carrots regularly can help to reduce our blindness or keep our eyes safe. Carrots can act as a vision booster. Improving vision is considered as the best benefits of carrot. Many doctors prefer carrots for improving vision.

Control Diabetes

The antioxidants present in carrots helps to regulate blood sugar regulation due to the presence of carotenoids in them. Carotenoids affect insulin resistance and lower blood sugar help diabetic patients to live a healthy and safe life. They regulate the amount of insulin and glucose also that is used and metabolized by the body.

Prevent Cancer

Carrots help to reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer etc. The antioxidant can able to fight leukaemia cells and play a vital role in reducing the widespread types of cancers including breast cancers etc. Due to antioxidants power in carrots helps to reduce free radicals in the body. The beta-carotene supplements present in carrots help to reduce lungs cancer. Among smokers, the beta-carotene supplements increase the risk of lungs cancer. Consuming more beta-carotene may help to reduce the risk of colon cancer An average carrot contains normally 3 milligrams of beta-carotene.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Vitamin A and antioxidants present in carrots helps to protect us from sun damage or promotes healthy skin. Due to deficiency of vitamin A and antioxidant can cause dryness to the skin, hairs etc. Carrots can be used as a facial mask. Just mix a grated carrot with honey.
Aloe vera is the great way to make your skin healthier. You can read our articles on aloe vera benefits.

Prevent Infection

Carrots help to prevent us from infection. If you have any type of cuts and infection you will find carrot benefits. Your skin health by increasing your ability to fight infection and noticeable signs of skin inflammation.

Prevent Heart Diseases

Carrots contain beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein etc. High cholesterol in the body is the major factor of heart diseases. Regular consumption of carrots can help to reduce cholesterol levels. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in women.

Protect Teeth And Germs

Carrots help to clean our mouth and teeth. They scrape off food particles just like a toothbrush. The minerals and vitamins present in carrot prevent tooth damage. The vitamins and nutrients present in carrot help to improve immunity, including the body activity to fight against bacteria, that enter through our mouth which lives in the gums & teeth. Certain minerals prevent us from cavities and tooth decay. Carrots remove stains from teeth. Fibres in carrots boost the immunity.

Protects Brain Health

Carrots help to keep our brain healthy and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Carrots also help in improving brain memory. It helps to lower oxidative stress in the brain which weakens nerve signalling capacity.

Lower Blood Pressure

Carrots are a rich source of potassium, which reduces the stress and tension in your blood vessels and arteries. Increasing blood flow and circulation help to boosts organ function throughout the body, and reduce the stress on the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure is directly linked to heart attacks and strokes.

Help in Digestion

Fibres is one of the most important elements in maintaining and providing good digestive health. It stimulates the peristaltic motion and also the secretion of gastric juices. This reduces constipation and protects your colon and stomach from a serious illness, including cancer also. Fibres also help to boost our heart health by eliminating LDL cholesterol from the walls of blood vessels.

Carrots in Diet:

There are many benefits of carrot and it must be peeled and washed before consuming in the body. It can be used as a steamed, boiled, roasted, and also used as ingredients in many soups.

  • Used shredded carrots in salads.
  • Use carrots in a juice for a sweet and mild flavour.


Excessive consumption of vitamin A may be toxic. It may cause an orange tinge of skin colour but this is not harmful to our body.
People who are taking supplements derived from vitamin A must avoid the excessive amounts of carrots, they may lead to hypervitaminosis A.

Ways To Use Carrot

  • Cooked
    Cooked carrots may have higher antioxidant activity. Balance carrots juices with others juices that are lower in carbohydrates.
  • Juiced
    Juicing is a great way to includes carrots in our diet.

Some peoples don’t eat a carrot because they believe they are rich in sugar and will raise blood glucose. Carrot contains  10 grams of carbohydrate and 4 grams of fibre. The fibres in carrots help to slow down the release of the sugars, in the form of glucose, into the bloodstream. Including carrots in a diet can be good for people who have diabetes.

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