15 Best Creed Colognes For Men In 2018

creed colognes for men

The Best Signature Scent is equally as the way you look, the right scent is an accessory to complete your look, your mood and also boost your overall appeal and confidence. Wearing the right scent that suit and fits your style and your personality presents you in the best light, whether for a great occasion or for casual night parties with friends. In this article, we can talk about the 15 best creed colognes for men.

Though we cannot tell you the best fragrance because it depends on your personal liking or personal valuation, however from some research done probably we recommend creed as the best places to look if you are shopping for a new type of best creed colognes for men.

House of Creed has been a great company in the history producing the best, high quality and original scent for men and women. With Great reviews, it was founded by James Henry Creed, The brand remains the best in brewing great and quality fragrance recognized and accepted.

15 Best Creed Colognes For Men

There are various colognes that can be used in the daily life. Many peoples tell you about creed colognes but the question is are they still in use? Here we can provide the list of best creed colognes for men so that you can choose easily:

1. Creed Aventus Millesime Spray

Creed Aventus Spray is a fragrance that was created by father and son, which was launched in 2010. It is a perfect scent product marketed and gives a bold, striking and strong impression for a masculine scent for any romantic occasion.

You’ll love the fragrance with is best notes of bergamot, black currant, pineapple, vanilla, jasmine, and birch.  Aventus Creed is best worn for a great occasion, because of its long lasting, intoxicating and exciting aroma that is bound to draw people to you.

Price: The cost of the Aventus Creed Spray is high and the price tag can make you turn the other way the price cost $439.95 the cologne’s longevity and sweet scent will truly merit the money spent.

2. Creed Imperial Millesime

Imperial Millesime Creed is a Drawing of a beautiful inspiration boat a warm and romantic scent fragrance packed in an eye-catching containing.

You’ll like the cologne because it was mixed with fruity, woody and salty notes making it a Unisex perfume that ranks well among the best creed colognes for men are available in the market today.

The perfume as a wonderful refreshing aroma the perfume is a fun and refreshing cologne that is worn on different occasion. Creed’s Imperial Millesime perfume was launched in 1995, the perfume with the great sensational smell, it was best worn during hot summer months.

Price:  This perfume cost $216.54, It price is somewhat high but you will enjoy the refreshing cologne that is neither serious nor formal.

3. Creed Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed is a great signature fragrance with strong nice smell launched in 1985. Oliver creed’s signature fragrance the perfume is a popular creed perfume widely used by celebrities because it as a striking scent which stands out from other perfume.

It comes with a great smell note of sandalwood, violet leaves and ambergris which help achieve a great fruity fresh scent. It possesses a floral and woody scent that can smell the whole day.

Price: The Green Irish Tweed cost $205.67 in the market. It best suits its price, it is best worn for the formal occasion like the business and would be best enjoyed during winter.

4. Creed Silver Mountain Spray

The Silver Mountain perfume is the casual cologne which is perfect for all types of skin types.

The perfume was launched in 1955, the mountain spray smells nice because it includes bergamot, neroli, and mandarin with black currant and green tea with sandalwood musk.

You can easily identify it with the refreshing clean scent that genuinely opens up senses. It attracts difference reaction from different people ranking it as a cool and refreshing fragrance.

Price:  This perfume costs $255. However, boasts 6hours longevity with a depressing fragrance.

5. Creed Aventus EDP

This creed colognes has come from the woody fragrance family. It is the type of Eau de perfumes. EDP is one of the best creed colognes for men. When you spray this perfume it feels you energetic. Creed Aventus is coming with the strong and long lasting smell. The design of the pack is amazing and looks like very premium perfume. EDP is the little bit costly but it is one of the must-try creed colognes for men.

Price: It will cost you 183 $ for 120 ml. Like every perfume, this will also available in the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart. If you don’t like to buy from online stores then you can also get them from offline from supermarkets also.

6. Creed Santa Cologne

The Creed Santa Cologne is a Unisex Cologne with a fruity note that makes it unique and stands out from the competition.

It is combined with a sweet scent you’ll love it creed sandals most excited scents are aromatic spicy and woody elements. It compliments a woman’s natural scent perfectly.

Price: This perfume cost $250 a price tag that will not dent your wallet. It can be bought from any fashion store or online stores.

7. Creed Erolfa

The Creed Erolfa is a perfect perfume designed for me. It is acknowledged with an exciting fragrance created by Oliver Creed. It is remembered for a family man with a generous and loving character.

This perfume gives a strong musky smells that best suit a family adventure. It is the best scent to wear for fun adventure with friend and family

Price: The Creed Erolfa cost $435.95 the price is high but gives the best scent for the family adventure.

8. Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau De Perfume

This perfume is the perfect perfume designed for men that love night parties and clubs. The Bois Du Portugal perfume was launched in 1987. The perfume remains one of the best colognes for men introduced by the brent.

The perfume scent is like the first rays of sunshine. It has an enchanting fragrance that continues to get great attention and reviews from buyers. You’ll love it because it comes with an oriental and woody scent that highlights man’s masculinity and great romantic smells.

Price: This perfume cost $374.01, It price suit is important. You can get it from any store be it online or any fragrance store.

9. Creed Royal Oud Millesime

The perfume named Creed Royal Oud Millesime, it a new brand. It has a warm spicy scent brewed for men and women, a unisex perfume with top notes of lemon bergamot and exotic pink berry.

This Perfume gives a nice and great ingredient combine to give you a balanced fragrance with woodsy and citrus notes. It was released officially by the house of creed in 2011. For a middle notes fragrance with a great base.

Price: This perfume cost $184.12. It best suit for evening parties, you can get in any fashion store worldwide.

10. Creed Virgin Island Water Spray

The Virgin Island Water Spray is one of the best fragrance scents for men and women that create an adventurous atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean waters. It is a simple and fantastic fragrance that creates a nostalgic vibe. This perfume is a vibrant perfume that gives a great and fabulous scent.

Price: The price of this perfume is $705. This perfume has an average price tag that will dent the wallet nor affect your budget. This perfume is the perfume with the highest price in the fragrance industry if you get it you will really enjoy it but the price is somehow high.

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11. Creed Royal Water Fragrance Spray

This fragrance is also considered as the best creed colognes for men. Since it is a very expensive spray so only a few people’s try to buy this perfume. The smell of this cologne is intense and light. You can use this spray for parties as well as at the wedding. This spray gives you the best experience.

Price: The price of this cologne spray is 252 $. It will available in online stores or you can also buy from supermarkets. There are many websites which are based on spray only and you can buy from them easily.

12. Creed Himalaya Cologne

The Creed Himalaya Cologne is a great perfume for the masculine fragrance. It was released in 2002 for a daytime where you can use it for different occasion most especially office jobs.

You’ll love it because it has an outdoorsy smell with its perfect blend of grapefruits, aromatic woods, musk, and lemon.

This perfume is created by Oliver and Erwin Creed, the Himalaya cologne draws inspiration from the mountain. The exotic blends of the cologne possess natural and enticing scent that will surely draw compliments from people around you.

This perfume does not last for long. Therefore, they compel you to spray at least three times a day on your body. The quality of this perfume offers great scent i.e. smells like a romantic smell like a romantic smell.

Price: The price of this perfume is $150. Its affordable, reliable and great this perfume best suit an evening parties, nightclubs and precisely for many occasions.

13. Creed Vetiver Cologne for Men

This is a perfume that gives strong musky smells creed vetiver cologne for men gives great scent. The Creed Vetiver was introduced and launched in 1948 as a perfume with different masculine components. You’ll love this perfume because it comes with cool and clean fragrance notes of vetiver, ginger, and cedar.

This perfume is not as strong as other creed colognes; you need to spray four to five times on the body to keep it smell for a day. It is best worn for evening occasion this perfume masculine scent projects a traditional gentleman vibe perfect for gentlemen.

Price: This perfume cost $350, the perfume budget a friendly price tag equally ranks it among the best creed colognes available in the market today.

14. Creed Royal Water Eau De Perfume

This is a great perfume that offers an incredibly fresh fragrance designed with a touch of fruity notes and a blend of woodsy scent.

The Creed Royal Water is a vitality masculine fragrance perfect for men in the 20’s and early 30’s. This fragrance creates a romantic smell and conveys a charming personality for anyone who wears it.

This perfume is one of the best cologne to wear on a romantic date for any formal events because of its masculine gentlemen’s sensation that brings a man’s confidence perfectly.

Price: This perfume is one of the cheapest creed cologne for men it cost $115. It is best worn on a formal occasion for business.

15. Ustraa Cologne Spray

It is one of the cheapest creed colognes for men. This will give you 3× more fragrance with zero percent of gas. You can spray this perfume on clothes also. This perfume smell’s make you special. It is suitable for the night out with friends, date, parties, etc. This is one of the versatile creed colognes for men.

Price: The price of this cologne spray is 14 $ for the pack of two sprays. You can get this spray at online stores as well as from supermarket also.

In conclusion, when you are finding great cologne for men that will suit them and be their best signature scent, cologne that will be their best signature scent this list may help you find the best pick. But we recommend you to dive into the fragrance world to explore more on the best you good get. Think of any of the lists of cologne as an accessory to complete the look and fit your mood makes you smell nice. For any occasion, this would be the roundup for the best 15 creed colognes for men in 2018.