Giloy side effects that you don’t know


You all are may be familiar with the benefits of giloy, but many peoples don’t know the giloy side effects. It’s better to know the side effects of giloy also along with its benefits. There is no doubt that Giloy has many benefits but we can’t ignore the giloy side effects also.

Giloy is one of the popular herbs. It cures many diseases naturally. Giloy is used in many medicines. In India, giloy is very popular because of its benefits.

What is Giloy?

Giloy is an Ayurvedic plant that is used to cure the many diseases. It has many names like Amrita, Guduchi, Chhinnaruha, Chakrangi, etc. In Ayurveda, it has been considered as a great medicine of fever. His leaf size is usually 2-4 inches. Giloy is helping in removing toxins and purify the blood. It can remove bacteria and fight with various types of diseases. There are some giloy side effects are also and it’s better to know all the information about any plants rather than to know half information.

Giloy is generally found in forest, mountains, farms of mountains but these days giloy is also found in many homes due to its health benefits and popularity. Giloy leaves look like the heart. You know very well its taste was bitter and the odour is not very special.

Giloy side effects:

Here is some of the list of giloy side effects that are given below. Hope this will help you.

giloy side effects

  • In Surgery

Giloy having some side effects in the blood sugar level and it can interfere with surgery so it’s better to avoid the use of giloy during and after surgery. It can increase the risk of surgery. Avoid the use of this herb for 2-3 weeks before and after the surgery.

  • Avoid during constipation

Giloy is effective in various digestive health problem but sometimes it leads to constipation regardless of any form you are taking this herb. If you experience the stomach irritation after consuming the giloy then consult with your doctor immediately. Always remember that constipation is the serious giloy side effects.

  • Blood sugar level

If you are having the health problem related to the blood sugar level then avoid the use of giloy. It may reduce your blood sugar level. Please consult with your doctor before using it. Hence, it’s better to stay away from the use of giloy if your problem is related to blood sugar level.

  • Enhance In Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

Giloy might over-stimulate the system and make it a lot of active. This may lead to a rise in symptoms of autoimmune diseases similar to lupus (SLE or general lupus erythematosus), multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Those peoples who are suffering from the autoimmune disease should avoid these giloy side effects completely.

  • During Breastfeeding & Pregnancy

Giloy is very harmful during breastfeeding & pregnancy. It is not known yet why there is a side effect of giloy in pregnancy but it’s better to stay away. Don’t consume giloy during pregnancy because it is harmful to you. In pregnancy, it’s better to stay away from any side effects. Some researched are going on why giloy is harmful during pregnancy.

There is no doubt that giloy is one of the best ayurvedic medicines and it is also used in various medicines. But we can’t ignore some giloy side effects also. It’s better to know side effects of any herb that you won’t aware.

Since you all know about the side effects of giloy. You can tell us how this article was helpful to you by comment section below.