10 Awesome Guava benefits during pregnancy

Guava benefits during pregnancy

Guava is the most common fruit which can be easily available. It is commonly cultivated in tropics and sub-tropics. The colour of this fruit may vary from light yellow to light green. Guava is usually eaten by its natural form. Guava is the rich source of vitamins and nutrition. The taste of guava is sweet. Guava is liked by the many pregnant women because of it’s sweet aroma taste. Guava is one of the healthiest fruit which can take care of your body in various nutrient requirements. It contains high water, carbohydrates and proteins make this fruit different from others.In this article, we will discuss 10 Awesome Guava benefits during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Eat Guava During Pregnancy?

Yes, Guava is safe to eat during pregnancy. It is the rich source of nutrients which can provide some health benefits. Don’t eat too much guava because of excessive use of any fruits harmful to our health during pregnancy.

Take it in small quantity that can lower the health risk and make sure that you consume only ripe and peeled guava. Guava benefits during pregnancy are beneficial when you consume it in small quantity and consume only peeled guava.

Guava benefits during pregnancy:

Guava benefits during pregnancy

1. Improve immunity

During pregnancy, Immunity is very important to fight with the various kind of diseases. Guava is the good source of Vitamin C that can improve your Immunity. So, taking guava during pregnancy boost your immune system.

2. It can improve digestion

If you consume guava during pregnancy than it can improve your digestion system. Guava can prevent gastric causes like nausea, heartburn, etc.

3. Maintain blood sugar level

It can maintain the blood sugar level at the normal level. Taking guava during pregnancy helps you to prevent gestational diabetes.

4. Prevent cancer risk

Guava contains antioxidant that can prevent cancer.Guava is the good source of lycopene and vitamin C, which can remove toxins from our body.
Cancer is rare in pregnant women but prevention is important.

5. Nervous system development

Guava is rich in folic acid and vitamin B9, which can help in the brain and nervous system development in the babies.

6. Prevent germs and infections

Guava is the good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, isoflavonoids, and polyphenols(anti-toxins) and also contains antioxidants. It can help in to fight germs and infections.

7. Improve vision

Guava is the good source of vitamin A that can prevent blindness and improve the eyesight of mother as well as her child.

Carrots are also good for improving vision.

8. Control blood pressure

During pregnancy blood pressure is increased and it can create complications. If you can eat guava during pregnancy can control blood pressure. It is one of best guava benefits during pregnancy.

9. Prevents constipation

Constipation is the common problem faced by the many pregnant women. By the use of guava, it can prevent constipation because guava is rich in fibre.

10. Prevent anaemia

Iron is required in pregnant women. Guava fulfils the deficiency of iron. It contains essential iron that can keep the level of haemoglobin good.  

Side Effects Of Guava During Pregnancy:

  • Don’t eat too much guava during pregnancy because guava contains the high amount of fibre. Due to high fibre Diarrhea occurs.
  • Don’t eat the unpeeled guava.
  • If pregnant women have a dental issue than avoid the use of unripe or half-ripe guavas.


Please consult at least your doctor before consuming guava during pregnancy. Commonly any fruits give you the good result if they are consumed rationally.

Hope now you clear about guava benefits during pregnancy and their side effects.

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