Mango Benefits and Side Effects With FAQ

mango benefits and side effects

You might be aware of the mango. Mango is one of the best and tasty fruits present in this world. All peoples only know about this taste but you ever think about mango benefits and side effects. It is also called the “king of the fruit”. We all enjoy the taste of mango but beside taste, mango is also good for health. All fruits have some side effects also so in this article, we can talk about mango benefits and side effects.

Mango- The King Of Fruit

This amazing fruit needs no introduction. Mango is one of the famous fruit and eats by almost all the peoples in India. It is the national fruit of the 3 countries such as India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Mango is the national tree of Bangladesh also.

It is generally cultivated in South Asia. India is one the largest countries who produce mango. There are many verities of the mango cultivated in India such as Alphonso, Ratnagiri, Langra, etc. Alphonso is one of the famous varieties of the mango which are rich in flavor and sweet in taste. The color of the mango is also varied from red, green and yellow and the leaves of the mango are from 15 to 40 cm.

Mango Nutrients

As we know mango has many benefits because it has many nutrients.

  • Vitamins

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A. Some other vitamins which are found in mangoes are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin B6, niacin, and choline.

  • Minerals

The one mango contains iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, sodium, zinc, etc.

  • Other Nutrients

Mango has also contained fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.

Now you are wondering that mango is so many benefits you don’t know about it. It is one of the best and healthy fruit.

Mango Benefits and Side Effects

Usually, mango has more benefits than side effects. The purpose of telling both mango benefits and side effects is only for aware you about the information about mango. So, firstly we will discuss the mango benefits. Many of them which you already know and some benefits are new for you.

1. Heart Diseases

In mango, beta-carotene is found. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which helps you to fight free radicals that are responsible for heart diseases. Mango will help you to prevent heart diseases.

It will reduce the body fat and helps you to control blood sugar. According to a report it is found that the vitamins and minerals that contain in mango will affect positively on body fat and glucose.

2. Good Digestion System

Nowadays everyone is busy and in this busy life, most peoples have digestion problems. Mango will help you to solve the digestion problem. It is the good source of fiber which helps you to prevent constipation. Fiber will help you to maintain the health of the digestive tract.

Mangoes contain some digestive enzymes which also help in digestion. So, if you have the digestion problem then mango may be the good choice for you.

3. Mango During Pregnancy

We all know mango has many Vitamins and minerals like iron, Vitamin A, B, and Vitamin B6. All these vitamins and minerals are helpful during pregnancy. During pregnancy, even doctors also suggest you take iron supplements and iron rich fruits according to your needs. In a report, you need at least 27mg of iron daily when you are pregnant. Vitamin A which are very good for vision and also help you to get better vision to your newborn babies. It also helps in to fight with various types of infections.

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4. Good Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. Vitamin A and beta-carotene found in the mango and both are very important for good eyes health. Vitamin A will help you to improve the eye health and vision too. This vitamin is also required for the better functioning of the retina. The lack of Vitamin A causes some eyes problems even blindness also.

Mangoes are also zeaxanthin, which is also good for eyes health. So, now you can enjoy the taste of the mango in a healthy way.

5. For Weight Loss

These days obesity the major problem. Most peoples want to lose weight who are suffering from obesity. Most of them are not successful and the problem is they don’t know the right way or did not follow anything properly. Mango will help you to lose weight in a tasty way.

It is the rich source of the fiber and fiber will help you in losing weight. In a study, it is proved that the dietary fiber which is taken from fruits and vegetables are beneficial in weight loss. Mango peel also helps in weight loss. The phytochemicals are found in the outer part of the mango which acts as the natural fat busters so mango peel is also played an important role in weight loss.

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6. Cure Diabetes

In a study found that mango peels contain some antidiabetic properties which help you to cure diabetes. Mango contains fiber, phytochemical and mangiferin that will positively affect your body during diabetes.

According to Stylecraze, it is also beneficial for type 2 diabetes.

7. Better Health Of Skin

Skin is the important and largest organs in our body. Green mangoes contain Vitamin C, which is good for skin health. Vitamin C has the number of benefits for the skin. Add mangoes to your diet because it gives you better skin.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene are found in mangoes. These vitamins help you to provide better health of the skin. Vitamin A is also helpful in reducing oil from your face. This vitamin helpful in skin development, reduce fine lines and repair your skin. Polyphenols are also present inside the mango which can prevent skin cancer.

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8. Mango Benefits For Hair

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are present in mango and both vitamins are helpful for hair. It will nourish your hair and also treats dandruff.

Mangoes are also helpful for dull hair and make them shiny. In short, we can say that mangoes are beneficial for hair treatment.

9. Prevent Anemia

Yes, you heard right. Mangoes are beneficial for those who are suffering from anemia. This fruit is the good source of iron which is helpful to prevent anemia. It will help you to increase red blood cells in your body.

A Chinese herbal medicine named “Yin Tonic” that are made from mangoes. This tonic is helpful in the treatment of the anemia.

10. Helps In Preventing Cancer

Mango contains some cancer preventing properties like ascorbic acid, terpenoids, carotenoids, and polyphenols which helps you in preventing cancer. During studies in mangoes, some exceptional properties are found which are absent in other fruits and vegetables. These extraordinary things make mango fruit different from the others.

During a study in 2015, the polyphenols that are present in the mango will help in preventing breast cancer. The Properties called Mangiferin, also slow down the growth of the tumor cells and liver cancer cells.

Side Effect Of Mango

Many peoples either know its benefits or its side effects but this is not a wise thinking. You should know both the mango benefits and side effects. All fruits have some side effects also because of some reasons that we can’t ignore.

  • Allergy

There are some allergies that are related to intake mangoes which regularly seem in people sensitive to the fruit.

  • Excessive Eating

We all know excessive eating of any fruit may be dangerous to you. If you are eating many mangoes in a day then it will act as a side effect of this fruit. It may cause constipation, abdominal pain, etc. So please eat all the fruits in the limit.

  • Itchiness Due To Mango

In some cases, you will face irritation at lips, some angles of the mouth, and on the tongue.

Different Types Of Mangoes

There are over 350+ varieties of the mango which are produced over the world. India is one of the largest producers of the mangoes in the world with many different types. Here are some very popular types of mangoes which are famous in the world and highly cultivated.

  • Alphonso

It is one of the famous variety of the mango. This is also known as the Hapoo. Alphonso is the very expensive variety of the mango and produced by Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujrat. It is medium in size and very tasty variety which is shipped all over the world.

  • Langra

Langra is the unique variety of the mango which comes with a unique taste. It is produced by the Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, and West Bengal.

  • Dasehri

This is one of the oldest variety of the mango in India. Dasehri is very tasty and you will easily able to eat 2-3 mangoes at a time. Utter Pradesh is the main state which grows Dasehri mangoes.

  • Kesar

This variety is popularly known as for Aamrus. It is the very juicy type of the mango. Kesar has the great taste and comes with great smell also. It is grown in the Gujrat.

  • Chaunsa

This name of the mango is given by the Emperor Sher Shah Suri. It is tasty, juicy and full of nutritional value. It is mostly produced by the northern states of India.

Selection Of Good Mangoes

There are some normal points which we have to remember while choosing the mango.

  1. While choosing mango, always take a fresh mango.
  2. Select those mangoes which are not having any dark spots, blemishes, or splits.
  3. It is always selecting by their aroma which varies from variety to variety.
  4. Always look for the medium size mangoes which are usually four inches in length. Don’t buy too large and too small mangoes.
  5. Never select underripe mangoes because it is not good in taste when it is eaten by raw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you eat too many mangoes?

If you eat too many mangoes your weight will increase rather than lose it. Mango is healthy for you but you should eat in a moderate amount otherwise your body weight will increase.

2. How many mangoes can I eat in a day?

You also read the mango is helpful in losing weight but you should not forget that mango also increase your weight. One medium size of the mango contains 150 calories. If you consume two medium size mango then you consume 300 calories in a day from the mango. So try to take in a moderate amount.

3. What happens if you eat the mango in an empty stomach?

When the fruits come in contact with the foods which is present in the stomach and digestive juices. The entire or whole mass of the foods begins to spoil. So try to take the fruits either in empty stomach or before the meals. All these unwanted things will not arise if you take the mango or others fruits on an empty stomach.

4. Is there a lot of sugar in mango?

Mango is not only delicious or sweet in taste. But it is also packed with full of nutrients and vitamins. Sweet fruits like mangoes or other contain sugar in a huge amount. But the sugar present in the fruits is different from the processed sugar because it is balanced out by fiber and host of the nutrients.

5. Is mango good for your skin?

As you know nutrients which is present in the mango promotes healthy skin. It contains many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and I’ll of antioxidants. It is harmless for your skin. You should use the mangoes for your healthy skin. Magnesium which is present in the mango helps to reduce the oily skin and acne.


Some small side effects did not change the truth of the health benefits of this amazing fruit. After eating this amazing fruit you will know that why it is called as the king of the fruit. Mango is great in taste and it has various health benefits also that make him very unique fruit among all of them. So, you can consume this healthy and tasty fruit ever. But don’t eat in excessive amount because everything is good within the limit.